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Incam product deliver unique live production experiences for effective, high-quality media work.

Beijing Insight Visual Technology Co., Ltd. (abbr. IV-Tech) delivers Incam product and service for broadcast and the film industry.

In the wave of technology driving the development of TV/Film, IV-Tech is a young and energetic team, yet has a passion to provide the innovation, useful product and service, develop the cross-cutting product and smart system´╝îwe hope our work will be the trickle to contribute our strength for the forward stream. IV-Tech designs, manufactures Incam product including new camera tracking system, remote heads, universal wireless camera control System, optical transmission product, customer-made product etc. With our professional technical team, we also provide the rental solution service, system design services, Image control technology training, professional after-sales services and customized services.

Incam objective is to bring you the new experience, support you to produce the creative, wonderful, moving works successfully.

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Beijing Insight Visual Technology Co.,Ltd.

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