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4K/HD Micro camera 、 Wireless camera control、 Fiber unit 、 Remote head 、 Rental solution services

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Micro camera

Broadcast compact camera, small body, multi-function, successful signal processing algorithms, and excellent picture quality. Integrated familiar camera system workflow, with the full components, like as camera OCP. Various parameter for precise adjustment, like as color multiple correct processes .

4K camera IV4K-4000

IV4K camera provide the amazing 4K 50/60 picture

  • 4K 3840 x 2160p and full HD 1920 x 1080p
  • Sony 1 inch CMOS,Global shutter,custom-made lens mount
  • 4 x 3G-SDI output,support external reference
  • Dimension:65x65x110 mm
  • 4
    Lens drive kit

    Full HD camera IVHD-1000/ IVHD-3000

    IVHD provide the high quality full HD picture

  • 1920 x 1080, 1080p and 1080i full HD
  • Sony 1/1.8 inch CMOS,,Global shutter,C mount
  • Single chip COMS(IVHD-1000) and 3-chips COMS(IVHD-3000)two version
  • 3G /HD-SDI output,support external reference
  • Dimension: 29×29×77mm(IVHD-1000),55×55×60mm(IVHD-3000)
  • Universal Wireless Camera Control

    Universal Wireless Camera Control System is a user-friendly designed system to solve the bottleneck of remote wireless camera control transmission, especially cover the complex wireless application site.

    The products build the complete system, they are wireless transmission unit LCW-20, universal camera control panel OCP-20, fiber optical extender transmission unit FPT-48

  • Long distance(1000meter), robust wireless camera control in the high challenge complex environment.
  • Integrated system function, familiar traditional camera workflow.
  • Full function control panel including real-time feedback of parameters from camera and lens for paint/shading, support broad range of Sony, Panasonic, Incam, GV, Ikegami cameras.
  • Support Tally output and relay including red and green Tally, enable control of built-in cue lights, connected viewfinders and the additional Tally light of ENG and EFP camera.
  • Fiber optical extender transmission unit
  • Field portable fiber unit

    The FPT-48 is a new portable fiber unit designed for use in live production. Each unit combines multiple signals in one fiber cable to provide the compact and flexible solution for many production applications.


  • Support 3G/HD-SDI video, sync, camera control, supplies power to far end fiber unit and camera via SMPTE hybrid fiber cable
  • Pass the pathological signal for the high performance signal, minimal jitter and eye pattern degradation
  • LED display for the signal presence and alarm
  • Integrated system function to transmit video, OCP control, gen-lock, power, offer the familiar traditional camera workflow for many PTZ, POV cameras
  • Extend the distance of microwave video and wireless camera control signal via the SMPTE hybrid fiber cable in the complex environment
  • Potable , easy to use, support multiple installation method
  • Application

  • The partner of PTZ, POV, micro camera, support Sony, Panasonic, Incam etc.
  • Stadium, studio, street for the different production site
  • Reality show, arts, sports, specialty video production, medical imaging
  • 10
    Camera universal OCP Sony, Panasonic RCP
    Wireless Camera Control unit
    Incam Compact camera Sony, Panasonic camera

    E-Sports multiple camera system

    One operator control six micro cameras

    1 operator run the multiple camera system to realize the central transmission and central control, 1 fiber cable connect the 6 channel of HD camera, alternative support 1 channel of 4K camera + 2 channel of HD camera, seamless integration the new E-Sports program with the familiar traditional live production workflow.

    Remote head

    Incam benefits from the combination of the mechanical and the electronic technology, Incam has 2 mode of remote head and a multi-function control panel. They work together to delivery a unique vision with the precise camera movement and motion control.

    Support Sony HXC-P70、HDC-P1、HDC-P43、HDC-4300,GV,Panasonic,Ikegami camera

    Stable and jitter-free, convenient operation, variety installation methods

  • Precision motor and new creative mechanic design, it achieves the good camera balancing and smooth picture shooting.
  • 360˚ continuous pan rotation, 270˚ continuous tilt action to cover the wide range production
  • Integrated control signal, the one connector support the camera control, remote head control, Tally indictor, lens control.
  • Built-in camera power and SDI signal
  • Payload 20 kg and 7 kg by 2 modes
  • Variety installation methods, like as normal mounting, ceiling mounting
  • Multi-function control panel

    Command hub for remote head, camera, lens, Dolly of the track.

  • Camera parameter including WB, RGB, iris, pedestal level
  • Easy to use by one person, deploy the mainstream pedal , joystick style
  • Wire and wireless control
  • Right or left handed version available
  • Ergonomically-designed, using the high strength carbon fiber as the surface material
  • Robotic Rail Camera

    Variety installation Smart remote head Convenient operation Fast and stable

  • Remote head: 360˚ continuous pan rotation, 270˚ continuous tilt action to cover the wide range production,and 90˚ continuous roll rotation.
  • Dolly: max travel speed is 5m/sec. Both ends equipped with the automatic identification braking function. High switching speed between forward and rewind direction. Good and reliable performance without jitter in the high speed turn.
  • Rail: linear and curve mode are supported in the stage. Curves and angles are customizable, even 360˚ surround rail is available. Rail length can be as long or short as needed, with a width of 30m.
  • Camera: support Sony HDC-P1/HXC-P70. GV LDX Compact. ARRI ALEXA Mini. Panasonic AK-HC1800/1500. Ikegami HDL etc. And compact camera.
  • control panel

    Command hub for remote head, camera, lens, Dolly.

  • Camera parameter including WB, RGB, iris, pedestal level.
  • Easy to use by one person, deploy the mainstream pedal , joystick style.
  • Wire and wireless control.
  • Right or left handed version available.
  • Ergonomically-designed, using the high strength carbon fiber as the surface material.
  • Rental Solution Services

    Power your live production effect, add value with the flexible solution , custom-made product, new innovative services