Control Systems: OCP-20P / LCW-20 / 12G-GI …

OCP-20P Operation Control Panel

Universal remote control panel compatible with INCAM micro cameras, enables control of camera, lens and power supply.

  • Joystick type of simple remote operation
  • 4 units in 19-inch EIA rack
  • RS422/485 protocol include power supply to camera
  • Ethernet control with POE as option

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LCW-20 Wireless Control Unit

Universal wireless control unit compatible with broadcast cameras, ultra-compact size and stable wireless connection.

  • 900MHz or 2.4GHz radio frequencies can be selected
  • RS422/485 protocol or ethernet can be selected
  • Comprehensive status indicators

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4K/12G SDI ground isolator

Specially designed for full 12G/4K UHD SDI video.

  • Avoiding problems of signal distortion and operator shocks
  • No distortion of the signal
  • Transparent to any broadcast/quality signal

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LSC-1 Lip Sync calibrator

Battery powered audio-video synchronization tool for live production.

  • Compact and durable all-aluminum housing
  • Integrated long life lithium battery for 12 hours running
  • Support multiple frame rate video formats
  • Attached Siemens star pattern for back flange adjustment

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